Thursday, 23 June 2016


One of the earliest memories in hospital was that I wanted to be whole, and I needed allies. For that I needed to be cheerful, of course the nurses, doctors and therapists will do their jobs, but I'd prefer to be looked after by people who want to spend time with me. Does that make sense?

And of course, it helps me, it helps me to be positive, it's a virtuous circle. Don't get me wrong, it's really hard, really,really hard. Some days it was too hard, I gave up, just for the day. I learnt that I needed to give myself a break, tomorrow is another day. I also learnt that as well as being cheerful, therapists really like doing their job, helping people to get better. The more I worked at my therapy sessions, the more I saw them respond to my efforts. I remember a day when both my OT and physio visited, "what goals have you set for yourself today?", they teased. It was all about focus, being determined. It still is. Cheerfully determined.



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