Monday, 11 July 2016

A less than positive post......

I'm going moan, I don't normally moan, but here goes......

14 months ago, I was in hospital, not knowing if I could walk or talk 'normally' again. Yesterday I was doing a 3-hour self-defence training session and then helping out as an attacker on a 2nd dan grading. When I was waiting to attack (there was 6 of us) I was reflecting that most people couldn't do what I was doing, let alone 49 year olds who've had a stroke. I actually felt great, really great, that I got so far (and I haven't finished yet.....).

Looking back, I've realised that some people, extended family, acquaintances etc said some bizarre things.... It goes something like this..... "oh, how are you?", with a pained, sympathetic tone. I respond with, "I'm alright, getting there..", I don't like small talk, and I really don't like sympathy. They counter with "Are you going back to work?", with that same pained expression. "I'm almost full-time, I'm training once a week, I'll step it up once I'm doing full-time at work". With that, they look like I'm strangling a puppy, "Are you sure, be careful, take it slowly, take it easy etc". What!!

Help me out here, but my doctors, my therapists, my wife, my instructor, me..... know what I need, not some random person, Arrrghhh!

Why is that, why do people do us down....?

Is it because they haven't any ambition for themselves, they are afraid of looking bad?

The three people who had total faith in me, who really knew that I would get there. Tracey, my wife. Rich, my instructor and Chris, my boss.

Thank you.

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