Saturday, 2 July 2016

My bad day

Today's training got off to a bad start :-(

I felt good about the day, the sun was shining, we talked about the upcoming knife-fighting seminar, so I suggested to Rich that we could knife defences, in readiness.....

This is where it went bad, my techniques were sloppy, my timing was off, I came close to knocking poor Imram out :-(

Rich called a stop to it, and we went back to basics, ABC. We made sure that we  cracked "A" before we moved on to "B", "C" just fell into place. This is an example of 'deep practice ', as described by Daniel Coyle in 'The Talent Code'. We went through each of the moves, in minute detail, stopping when we got anything wrong.

 I've done these drills before, but my brain is a mush, this approach to drill was really good for me and my mushy brain.

I also learned that I can have bad day, I did before my stroke, and I will in the future, I shouldn't blame it on my stroke.

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