Monday, 26 December 2016

Humanity - for or against.....?

Compassion is one of my values, something that I hold dear. Humour is something that I value too..

Many years ago, when I was a children's nurse working in a high-dependency unit, I came across an article in a professional journal talking about 'black humour' as a release mechanism for stress in resuscitation teams, I remember thinking that it wasn't just us then...!

Last night, Christmas Day, me and the family where playing 'Cards Against Humanity', what a hoot!  I just wasn't actually looking forward to the game, I was tired (boo hoo), Tracey was her encouraging self and I relented. I was really glad. My favourite moment was when my wife played the 'a mime having a stroke' in response to my 'airport security prohibits.....'  black card. Clearly Tracey won that round, I couldn't actually get the words out, I was literally crying with laughter. Months ago, I couldn't get the words out for completely different reasons. Joking aside, it was a pretty good rehab opportunity, the speech component was great for linguistic dexterity and confidence building and manual dexterity from the card manipulation.

Adversity is a great way to feel human, and the emotions that come with it.

John Williams, a stand-up comedian, has a show in which he talks about his son's autism. When I heard an excerpt on on the radio this time last year, I was crying with sadness and joy in equal measure. There's a link to an 15 minute excerpt recorded for Radio 4's 'Four Thought' below.

We all have the capability and the right to feel what we feel. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise. But you can choose how you feel.......

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