Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Well formed outcomes

I've been using the Well Formed Outcomes tool of setting goals at work, personally and with staff, for a number of years now. It's been more pertinent now, with my recent predicament.

In short:-

1. State your goal in positive terms.
- What do I want?

2. Self-initiate and maintain your goal.
- Am I doing this for myself or someone else?
- Does my goal depend solely on me?

3. Ensure your goal is appropriately contextualised.
- Where, when, how, and with whom do I want it?

4. Describe the evidence that will emerge from the procedure.
- What will I be doing to get my goal?
- How will I know I’m achieving it?
- What will I see, hear, and feel when I have it?

5. Identify the resources you need.
- What resources do I have now?
- What resources do I need to acquire?
- Have I got evidence of achieving my goal before?
- What happens if I act ‘as if’ I already have it?

6. Check that your goal is ecological.
- What is the real purpose behind why I want this goal?
- What will I lose or gain if I have it?
- What will and won’t happen if I get it?
- What will and won’t happen if I don’t get it?

7. Describe the first step.

I've found it a powerful tool in terms of a holistic approach to goal setting. It takes a while to get your head around it.

I'm currently using it to work out what I want at the moment.

On the way in to work this morning, I listened to New Model Army's Green & Grey, I've just realised that it has metaphorical element...... pertaining to the problem that I am wrestling with.....

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